The living room is the heart of the house. It reflects the family bonding and vibes. A room can be a lounge room, drawing room, sitting room etc. The concept of the living room is as old as the 9th century. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the room was known as a parlour. Parlour means the place where you sit and chat, laugh and discuss. So, it should reflect the best part of your family.

Designing a living room is a tedious task as it is essential to understand the essence of the people representing it. There are so many themes that are relevant to choose for the living room. The things that are to be taken into consideration are the size of the room furniture and everything responsible to make the room look good. Here in this write-up, you will find 4 interesting ways to style your living room.

4 Interesting ways to design your living room:

Bohemia Theme is New Pink

Bohemia is all about no rules and all experiments. You have the liberty to choose, mix match and try novel things. Try color blocking, patterns and textures unapologetically. Be it an orange velvet sofa or wall basket hangings, you can design the room with all these things. You can add wooden shelves to keep showpieces and accessories. You can choose floral curtains and indoor plants to freshen up the ambiance.

Design with Modular Furniture

The modular kitchen is so much in fashion and so is the modular furnished living room. A completely modern look is so very in the trend of 2022 while designing the living rooms. Choose urban minimal furniture like sofa tables and recliners. Ramp up the living room with a sleek wall-mounted TV unit, floating shelves for your books. You can go for light colors on the wall like cream, off-white and baby pink texture.

Design with unconventional features and furniture

Choose various unconventional sofa designs while picking up one for your room. There are so many vividly shaped sofas that you can place to redefine the room. You can pick the glass roof with a mirror finish. A wooden entertainment unit with an additional wall mounted table for your PlayStation will make it the favorite place for your game buddies.

Mix it up

You can choose two styles at once to style the room. Pick the vintage and modern style of the theme. Choose a vintage-style sofa set and modern style furniture and other accessories. Wall lights will help to conclude the room with a sober style room.

These are some ways to style your living room. Simple, easy yet elegant and interesting trends will help you to raise the bar of designing the living room. Interior designing is all about comfort, functionality and an alluring portrayal of the accessories close to your heart.