Your bedroom must be your home’s safe place, where you can relax and rejuvenate at the end of each day. But when it relates to renovating or restyling a space, we often put our bedrooms last on the list—often choosing to focus on family and social spaces like the kitchen or living room.
However, you can change the style of your bedroom and bring a new outlook on life with just a few simple steps, making it a more soothing space where you can enjoy a better night’s sleep. What are the tips for decorating a bedroom? What should be your primary emphasis when sprucing up your bedroom? To create a relaxing and pleasant environment in which to sleep well.

Select Subtle Colors
Choose peaceful hues and a relaxing palette of monochrome tones rather than bright primary colors. Color theory suggests that mild blue, lavender, or green tones are calming and comforting. Rich jewel shades such as – toasted browns, rich pomegranate, and topaz help create a feeling of coziness and comfort.
Choose muted versions of your preferred hues in the bedroom, like mauve instead of purple or pumpkin shade instead of tangerine. 
Do Not Ignore the Ceiling
The ceiling is a room’s fifth wall. Do you often see a dull, empty surface as you lie in bed? Paint the ceiling a more soothing hue of the walls. Try to use a soft color or a subtle pattern. This will visibly reduce the height and make the space more intimate and comfortable.
If you are looking for luxury, you could try a canopy or a tented bed with a hanging dressing. This can engulf you in warmth while bringing texture, pattern, and color to the ceiling. Other alternatives include using a decorative paint finish, stenciling, or you could even wallpaper the ceiling. Try adding architectural elements such as beams or moldings.

Keep It Simple In The Bedroom
Irrespective of the décor theme, a bedroom must look pleasant, simple, smart, and exquisite. Allow at least three feet of distance between the bed and walls or huge pieces of furniture for easy mobility, and at least two feet between the bed and tables and dressers.
Consider how you might relocate the bed if you need to go around the bed to get to the closet and bathroom.  Only have what you need in your bedroom. You only need a bed, one or two bedside tables, a dresser, and an armchair.
Anything else is a waste of space and can clutter up the room. Keep the number of elements in the room to a bare minimum. Select a lovely work of art, organize some family pictures, and add flowers and candles.
Pick The Appropriate Furniture 
Start with a layout of the room when you’re prepared to buy furniture pieces. Furnishings should complement the space, especially for bedroom furnishings. Avoid heavy items like a huge bed and cabinets for a tiny bedroom.
On the other hand, a large headboard can help to effectively bring the ceiling down to scale if it is high. Select furniture that matches your bedroom if it is big. Place an armchair and ottoman at the foot of the bed or another piece of furniture. In a spacious room, too little decor will look out of place. Go big with elegant pieces. 
Have A Secluded Nook
Give yourself a treat by establishing a peaceful location to read. You could create a private reading or relaxing area with a comfy seat and ottoman at the end of your bed or in a recessed wall. Construct a window seat next to the bedroom window if you have the space. Soak in the scenery and the natural light.
Provide A Variety Of Lighting Choices
It’s good to “spread” the choice of lighting across your bedroom. Ambient lighting illuminates the entire space, while small lamps are to focus attention on readings and other tasks, and accent lighting gives the walls a warm glow.
Use a bedside lamp with a moveable arm to direct the reading light where you need it. Each light should have a dimmer control. Build a separate on/off switch for each light so you can choose the area you want to light.

Get A Lot Of Storage Space
Put stuff out of sight to enhance the tranquility of a bedroom. Choose a large bedside table with compartments or doors to keep books, lotion, and glasses close at hand but hidden from view. The space will seem more spacious and calming. Store the excess sheets, blankets, and pillows into a trunk or a storage seat at the end of the bed.
How We Can Help You
Do you find it complicated or too much to do by yourself but want a beautiful bedroom to make you feel good and relaxed at home? In that case, you can always reach out to us. At Artyss, we aim to provide you with the complete home experience where your home looks like the one you dream of. You can visit our website for more details.