We’ve all been home after a long and stressful day. You may have been anxious as a result of job issues. Maybe you had a tough time with a family member. Or perhaps you’ve lost someone close. Our instincts encourage us to return home after a trauma or upset. Unwind. Recharge. We withdraw to our private spaces whenever we need emotional or social security.
Our personal settings in our homes set the tone for many of our life’s events. Considering your personal spaces constitute the backdrop for so many significant and stressful events in your life, they must provide warmth, love, and positive emotional energies.

Mockup white wall in loft style house with sofa and accessories in the room.3d rendering

While most of our lives are beyond our control, our house is one location where we have complete authority. The style in which you design your home, paint your walls, and organize your items will have a huge impact on your feeling of stability and well-being, whether you choose a simplistic approach or believe in the “more is more” style of home design.
The most frequent mental health issues are anxiety and depression. Many interior design strategies and approaches, on the other hand, have been found to alleviate stress and sadness. And the correlation between home design and emotional well-being is not new; it has been around for years.

Living room interior wall mockup in warm tones with leather sofa which is behind the kitchen.3d rendering

Expanding the spaciousness of your home can enhance your mind. 

  • Designing houses with more natural light – sunlight lightens your mood.
  • Plant and flowers enhance mood.
  • Introduce the features of water, wind, fire, metal, and earth.
  • To better mental health, use color in your interior decorating.
  • Art on the walls affects your moods.

We all need a safe environment where we can feel secure and welcomed. It’s time to reassess your home’s decor if you don’t feel relaxed and embraced when you go home. Simple modifications in interior design can make a massive difference in your mindset, whether you live in a small apartment or a large estate. When you’re ready for professional design advice, give Artyss a call or email us. We’ll help you create and design a happy home.