Since the past years, the requirement of storage in a house has raised to 100% approximately, on the contrary, the floor space of the new houses has decreased significantly.

This revolution has had an exciting effect on the way we create our houses. Meticulous usages of earlier neglected spaces such as the corners, under the stairs, sloped ceilings, and spaces as such have suddenly come into the limelight.

Sliding door wardrobes are one such design that has transformed the way we store things and have grown a rage these times owing to their space-saving advantages amongst others. Sliding door wardrobes, just like standard wardrobes basically store anything right from clothes, shoes, books, bags, etc. The sliding door wardrobes can be customized according to the space and taste. Today, in this article, we will learn everything about sliding door wardrobes.


If we speak frankly, the majority of our houses are bursting out with clothes, bags, shoes, books, and some other accessories. More often than not, all of us have thought about a bespoke sliding door wardrobe that would fit all of your things aesthetically while meeting your requirements.

Choose the right sliding wardrobe for you

If you are reading this right now, the chances are you are opting for sliding door wardrobe or probably thinking about opting for them in near future. Although these sliding wardrobes can be extremely space-saving, it also gives your whole room an aesthetically sophisticated look.

Sliding door wardrobe doors can be designed from a broad variety of elements such as wood, frosted glass, mirrors, metal, and veneer are the hot cakes in the course.

You can bring in your creative side and put various materials and patterns together. You can always lean towards your interior designer to design the right fit for your home and your taste.

Types of sliding door wardrobes:

After deciding where you need your sliding door wardrobe, the quests for the perfect type of sliding door wardrobe commence!

There are 4 core types of sliding door wardrobe designs:

  • Top running sliding door wardrobe
  • Collapsable door sliding wardrobe
  • Pocket door sliding wardrobe
  • Corner sliding wardrobe

Top running sliding door wardrobe

Top running sliding door wardrobes also known as top-line sliders are the sliding wardrobes with the mechanism that enables the doors to slide smoothly without any weight hanging upon the doors as they are hanging from the top. When the mechanical devices are embedded appropriately while fixing we can get the precise outcome. The top running sliding door wardrobes benefit in extending the durability of the door.

Collapsable door sliding wardrobe

Despite the fact that these doors do open out in the front, the space used up by them is less than half of a traditional wardrobe. The doors of this wardrobe fold in half their size and run only on sliders connected to the top of the central frame.

Pocket door sliding wardrobe:

A pocket door is a sliding door that, when fully open, disappears into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors are used for architectural effect, or when there is no room for the swing of a hinged door. They can travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track or tracks or guides along the floor.

Corner sliding wardrobe

Corner sliding wardrobe also known as L-shaped sliding wardrobes can be  ideal solution for the compact bedroom corner or other compact space. The sliding doors on our L-shaped corner wardrobes don’t get in the way of each other as they would with other conventional doors.

Want to design a sliding door wardrobe on a budget?

If you want a sliding wardrobe but are on a budget then this idea is for you! You can change the doors of your traditional wardrobe with any type of sliding door wardrobe design as mentioned above. By doing this you will spend way less money. However, it is always wise to talk with your interior designer about what will be a good match for you, professional help and advice will go a long way.


It is pretty much evident that sliding wardrobes are not just a statement but also a space saver for your home. If you are planning to get a sliding door wardrobe for your home, contact Artyss our expert designers will design your desired wardrobe that fits your house, using premium materials.