There is no doubt that minimalism is trendy. However, Scandinavian interior design will never go out of style. With a blend of textures and soft hues, Scandinavian interior design makes sleek, modern decor feel warm and welcoming. It emphasizes clean lines, simplicity, and beautiful, functional furnishings.

Making a space feel cozy while exercising restraint in your décor choices is no small feat. It also appeals to our neat tendencies and our desire to live in an inviting and comfortable setting. Want the Nordic look? Here’s what you can do:

Play With Natural Lighting

Modern Scandinavian furniture is known for its striking colors, cozy accents, and minimalist color palettes. The Nordic countries are renowned for using natural light in their architecture. The Scandinavian design incorporates low daylight in winter.

Lighting plays an essential role in Scandinavian interiors. Besides creating a cozy, welcoming feeling, it also boosts your mood! You need candlelight, too –  a touch of whimsy glow makes things nice and comfortable inside.

You can find votives at Scandinavian cafes throughout the day, not just at home. Danish people, for example, keep candelabras lit on their dining tables and window sills (known as the Scandinavian design capital).

Incorporate Functional Design

When it comes to furniture, clean lines are best. The Scandinavians are also known for their innovative and functional design. Their furniture tends to have natural colors. You’ll also see mid-century modern influences in sofas and chairs. They often have rounded edges.

Scandinavian furniture is also known for its texture. Usually, a metal chair will have something soft and cozy draped over it if it’s a rough material. Pillows and blankets are often placed on the floor in Scandinavian homes due to their laid-back lifestyle.

Wall shelving with a variety of levels and sizes emphasizes being space-efficient and attractive at the same time. Montana, a Danish company, offers excellent colors for cabinetry.

Pick Light Colored Floors

Scandinavian design uses natural materials such as wood, stone, and brick to create a sense of texture. White painted brick walls and natural wood flooring, for instance, create a neutral and natural base. All Scandinavian interiors, except the bathrooms, will have a wooden, preferably light, floor.

Raw wood is often left in its natural state or painted white because of its raw nature. It helps to expand the space and bring in more light. During the winter season, heated tiles are common in residential bathrooms.

Bring Nature Indoors With Fresh Flowers And Botanicals

Scandinavian design style draws on the outdoors by incorporating natural elements to create a pure and rejuvenating ambiance, like lakes, forests, and mountains. Adding plants to the Scandinavian design’s natural look helps give it a pop of color as well as adding an earthy, organic element.

In Scandinavian style, color and beauty are essential. Fresh flowers are a necessity, according to a Copenhagen native. Flowers of every color, arranged bouquets, succulents, and more can be found at sidewalk florists!

Final Thoughts

You can achieve the Scandinavian design’s simplicity, utility, and beauty by incorporating these top 4 elements. Artyss has affordable interior designers who can create beautiful and comfortable spaces for you in this style!