A trend in fashion refers to the fabric styling, materials, colors, patterns, and how they are styled. Interior design trends are similar to that of fashion. There are colors involved, patterns to play with and, they all are put together to form the best of interior design.

Recognizing the latest trends that will be most appealing to consumers in the upcoming season is a great challenge for designers and architects. It requires a great deal of thorough research and observation. In this article, we will look into some of the best interior design trends of 2021.

What is an interior design trend?

Interior design trend is a core idea around which all of the elements of a project are curated. It basically is a thread that binds together all of the elements and gives a character to the entire project. The interior design trends have changed so much since the last decade.

So, let us see a few best of interior design trends.

Warm Colors Making a Strong Comeback:

Colors play a significant role in interior design and are always crucial to the upcoming interior design trends. Colors can either make or break the whole interior design, as colors elicit emotions from the people who exist in your space.

For designing the best of interior design trends, the colors should match the whole look of the design and feel of the house. In past seasons, warm colors have been traded in for cool colors like blue and add some other cool colors.

However, in 2021, warm colors are making an enormous comeback. Although red is considered the color of the season and is widely used in the luxury living room, all shades of reds, tangerines, and oranges will be taking over the trends of 2021. Browns and beiges are more traditional for the earthy tones in homes this year and, they are widely used as the pop design for living room and modern master bedroom. Though grey was used as a neutral color last year, beige and warm color pallets are replacing the cool hues this 2021.

Curves over straight lines

Curves and smooth edges present a cozy and casual vibe in a house. The engaging, organic shapes are unapologetically replacing the regular old square edges and straight lines that were former staples in the latest interior design trends. This trend is not just restrained to the walls and bedroom ceiling designs but also spread to circular or curvy furniture, mirrors, vases, and other such artwork is such a vice this 2021.

Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings have made a grand entrance into 2021 interior design trends. Bold colors, striking patterns, mirror fixtures, and, painted art on ceilings can change the whole aesthetic of the room. The statement ceilings are even trending in commercial spaces. Though eccentric, this latest interior design trend provides a celestial look and adds fun and quirkiness to the entire space.

Monochrome Palette

The freshest interior design trends are adopting the timeless elegance of black and white complexions. Black lighting accessories, window units, details of the furniture, and polishes are all in line with this season’s trends. The black and, white prints, decors, patterns, and accessories were first introduced by Scandinavian styles, yet they still prevail as best of interior design trends.

Concrete Accents

While the concrete was always a staple for floors and kitchen countertops, this adaptable, convenient material is currently used in more exciting and astonishing ways, including home furnishings like pendant lighting and furniture. The best interior design trends of 2021 promote the adoption of concrete in more speculative ways than just material for exteriors.

While designing with concrete, make sure that your space doesn’t end up too grey, always match concrete accents with fresh, warm colors such as reds or yellows to make certain that your space is on par with the latest interior design trends.

Bold Wallpapers

Irrespective of where it is placed, be it the living room, a bedroom, or even a conference room, bold wallpaper is hitting(another word) the walls around us. Though at first, this element was used only as an intriguing twist, now it has become bolder and more ornamental. The newest interior design trend is seeing wallpaper as a kind of art for your ambiance. The structural patterns, scenery view, biomorphic shapes, human and animal line art, and various types of wallpaper prints will allow you to embrace the interior design trends of 2021.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is the professional name for a design that concentrates on our natural connection to nature and includes nature at its essence. To explain it in simple words, it is about bringing indoors out and outdoors in. The whole pandemic situation increased everyone’s desire to spend time in nature, thus the trend struck and, indoor plants, feathers, ferns, brick designs, etc are really in rage.


These are a few interior design trends that are being welcomed by designers and users from around the globe.