Organizing the home is a welcome chance to focus on the oh-so-satisfying art of living in a pleasantly organized space. Organizing can feel daunting to some – as if it’s an uphill battle with many emotions and no clear place to start.

There are brilliant organizing tips in this expert-backed guide to tackling your whole house, no matter what category you fall into. It covers everything you need to do to get – and stay – clutter-free at home, starting with the emotional hang-ups that cause clutter.

What’s first? Declutter like Marie Kondo. Master organizer Michele Vig, the founder of Neat Little Nest and author of The Holistic Guide to Decluttering, said that decluttering is picking what you like, what you don’t like, and choosing what you’d like to keep. Declutter first, organize later.

There will be less stuff to get in the way of lasting solutions. Take your organizing strategy to the next level using home tools and affordable organizing products.

Place Like Things With Like Things

Putting similar things together makes your space more organized. Kate Pawlowski, a founding partner of Done & Done Home, recommends ensuring you gather everything in the category you are working on together.

Moving coats from the mudroom to your bedroom is not the same as moving clothes, just that you should do all coats simultaneously. Seeing everything sorted by category – jeans in one corner, coffee mugs in another – allows you to be aware of how much of each item you have and therefore help you get rid of it.

Take Inventory

Taking inventory is what professional organizers call editing. Horderly Professional Organizing founder Jaime Hord says editing is a critical step in decluttering. You’re left with only the items you love and need in your home by editing.

Wendy Silberstein of the Aesthetic Organizer shares how you can “edit” your possessions. You should dispose of anything you haven’t worn in 12 months, any expired kitchen or bathroom products, and inventory that hasn’t served you well.

Label Everything

When you are finished with that day’s organization project and are ready to complete your masterpiece, begin labeling. Marissa Hagmeyer, the co-founder of Neat Method, says labels are like the cherry on top. Reminding your household where everything goes enhances the look of any space.

Tackle One Space At A Time

Organizing can be stressful for many people. Make it less intimidating by focusing on one room at a time. Silberstein says to assess the space in your home that is the least productive. Organize it and schedule it. Ashley Murphy, the founder of Neat Method, thinks you should pick a place you use a lot in your home.

She says you will see a huge difference in your day-to-day life and have the confidence to move on to other things on your list. Decide on a space, get everything out, sort through it, and decide what to keep and throw away.


If you try to organize everything at once, it can be overwhelming. Incorporate home organization tips and tricks in each room to keep your home much more organized than before. Are you inspired to revamp your home design after all this talk about organizing? Reach out for an interior design consultation with one of Artyss’s top interior designers today to help create the perfect well-organized interior.